Selected works

Travel Network

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One of our bigger projects, created to give the user insight into useful information in the pursuit of a new and exciting destination, essentially Europe's most popular cities.

Frequently visited by men and women in the age of 30-55, where the link is the search for information, tips and inspiration to attractions, nightlife and accommodation.

Customized design and programmed from scratch with customized ads and a user-friendly content management system. Linked to social media such as Facebook and Google Plus, and also published in Danish.


Check out the website works as a web protal for nightlife in Norway, focusing on the big cities, essentially Oslo.

Heading out, and unsure of which bar will suit your taste the best when it comes to location, clientele, price range and type of place? is then your guardian angel, packed with all the answers to questions you may have.

Developed with an advanced search feature that gives the user a variety of sorting options. Set up with email account, star rating and comment field for Facebook. User interoperating with Facebook, showing the number of "likes" and check-ins on a the selected bar. Custom-made map that merges with Google Maps.

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Looking for financial help, but unsure of which credit card will suit your needs the best? is on it’s way to give you a helping hand that guides you through the jungle of providers.

The comparison done by the tables compare the advantages and disadvantages of each credit card in a simple way, while you can go into depth by clicking on the article for each card.

Customized solutions for tables, logo and homepage, based on a Wordpress theme that ensures user friendly solution, in addition to a simple publishing tool.

Check out the website started as a simple website for calculacions of various issues within calculation of percentage. Since then, the website has been transformed into a more general portal for mathematical calculations with informative articles and online calculators.

The goal has always been to make it easy for the user to find the answer to everyday problems that requires a formula. Set up with Facebook comment field, contact form and meta information to ensure good results in search engines.

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We created this page on behalf of the foreign intermediary, The new design features a user-friendly content management system and strategic placement of ads.

The site is set up to automatic news feeds, and shows leaderboards with highlights that features items ranked by most viewed, and publication date.

Simple solutions for changing the selected top news on the homepage. Individual pages in Spanish and English, and integrated solutions for social media.

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WiMP is a music streaming service focusing on inspiring users to find new music and old favorites. Through local editorial teams in each country, WiMP provides daily recommendations, tips and playlists for any occasion. The ad-free service is available on computers, mobiles, tablets and network players.

WiMP started out as a Norwegian music streaming service, but has later on expanded to several other markets as well, including Denmark, Germany, Poland and Sweden.

We have helped WiMP with several tasks, which includes web development, webdesign, graphic works, content writing/translations and setting up Helpdesk systems in several languages.

What we do


Do you want to get online, either as a business or as an individual, but lack the experience required to make the website? Perhaps you already have a website, but need a fresh renovation of your old design?

With several years of experience in the field, we are more than happy to help you with a new, clean and user-friendly design. We can also assist with the registration of domain and hosting.


A logo should be simple, and deliver a message without to much drama and horrifying use of colors. This is the icon you want your visitors to remember, an icon that will stick like glue to their brain, so they will visit you over and over again.

We can help you with the production of a new and customized logo according to your preferences, or freshen up your old logo to a new design.


Need help to update and to do the maintenance work of your website? We got the experience you are looking for, especially in terms of websites based on Wordpress administration systems.

Let us help you with updating the product descriptions, change photos and image sizes and the correction of old contact information. We can also assist with the publication of articles with images.

Web development

It is totally up to you how much help you want from us. Maybe you just need help with the registration of domain and hosting, as well as installation of a website with a simple design? We will gladly assist you with this! Are you looking for a more advanced design with multiple categories, article pages and custom banners, don’t worry! New online store with payment solution? No problem!

A good tool for analysis is extremely valuable for keeping track of where your traffic is coming from, landing pages, and your amount of visitors per day, and per hour. Let us install this tool for you, and teach you how to use it.


Would you like to make more money of your website? Of course you do. Over the years we have gained a ton of useful experience with advertising networks, both in terms of the location of ads on the web page, but also the choice of colors, fonts and best selling images.

We would love to share our experience with you, to make sure you make the most of your website. If you would like to advertise on one of our sites, please contact us.

Text production

This service is only available in Norwegian, but if you need a helping hand in terms of articles, product descriptions or blogposts, written in Norwegian, please let us know!

We can also assist with translation from English to Norwegian.

Who we are

We are a web company with base in Norway.


Martin is responsible for all of Mita Media's technical stuff, including web development, webdesign, domains and server managament. He has also been responsible for administration of the websites.

In his free time, Martin loves to travel, hang out with friends, enjoy sports and generally enjoy what life has to offer.


Anders is responsible for Mita Media’s text production and publication, including product descriptions and reports. He has also been responsible for the website's graphic works, customizing of ads and managing social media.

On another note, Anders is a happy and positive fella with a passion for travel, food, wine, business and experiences out of the ordinary.

Why should you consider hiring us?

We have a huge passion for the web

We love the internet. Period. Things change so fast, and that's one of the things that makes it so fascinating. You really have to stay updated on new trends and techniques.

We love helping people achieve success online

Happy people are definitely one of the best things in the world. We love helping people achieve success online.

We have more than 6 years experience

We've been in the web business for over 6 years, and have gained tons of experience over the years.

We cooperate with several partners

Even though we are a relatively small company, we cooperate with several partners worldwide to help out our clients with whatever needs they have.

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